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....RELOADING [Nov. 23rd, 2008|06:09 pm]
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good god.

if there's ever a zombie invasion, DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD.

this is absolutely vital to your survival.
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Wha-wha-wha.... RAAAAAAAAAAGEEEE!!! [Nov. 13th, 2008|07:27 pm]
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Also Rorschach's voice apparently being played by Christian Bale >_>........... Whatever happened to "monotone". :s

And a billion other nitpicky complaints, but I'm still excited regardless. It's agitated excitement; agitated, worried excitement.


Oh and in other news I died of mono a few days ago.
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NO! [Nov. 5th, 2008|01:56 pm]
RIP Michael Crichton

You played a major role in my childhood, if only through books that were too difficult for me to understand immediately. Sphere and Rising Sun were two books I grew up completely enamored with, and I'm sort of devastated especially considering that I haven't even read his last book from a few years back yet.
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Totally not my day [Nov. 5th, 2008|07:37 am]
Seriously. =_= I was drawing as much as I possibly could last night and my leg AND my hand decided to crap out on me (I suspect, it is a lack of food problem).

So I go to sleep fairly early, am in a deep slumber when


I wanted to open the window and be like DARRNNN YOUUU BE QUIIEET OUTT THERE YOU DURNN KIDSSS, and then I realized, "Oh! That must mean a new president has been picked." I debated whether it was the CHANGE!!kids or the Good Ol' GOP Boys launching the fireworks ('cause it's Texas, so it really could be either, you know?). I decided I would find out in the morning because I was too grumpy to turn on my radio (no internet, no tv at home). battousailam, Brian, and I live in the '40s. (which is AWESOME).

So then my alarm goes off this morning and I do my routine and drive to work and wonder, "Why the hell is it so dark- OH GODDAMN I didn't change my alarm clock." So now I'm at work an hour early and then my friends list is all YAAYYY OBAMAAAAA so that solves that mystery.

As for me, who did I vote for?

Write-In Candidate: Mayor Mitchell Hundred


edit: no, not really. -_-
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WAIT WHAT [Oct. 29th, 2008|10:46 am]
[Tags|, , ]



THOR #11


This is a spoiler.Collapse )


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;0;!!!! [Oct. 21st, 2008|12:02 pm]
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Oh my god, guys! Why have I never bothered to read about Sentry 'til now?!

Read more...Collapse )


Now is about the cue for a slew of Sentry drawings but I've got work to do. -_-
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marvel zombies [Oct. 10th, 2008|03:23 pm]
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the only thing better than the first issue of a new Marvel Zombies run, is the first issue of a new Marvel Zombies run with Aaron Stack on the cover.

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Heh [Sep. 16th, 2008|03:36 pm]
Watching tv all day with /co/ was fun, but this was probably the best part:


In other related news, I may have MAY HAVE taken the first step to repairing a deep rift between my father and I.

After reading Punisher, I now have a different opinion of Nick Fury... which may mean that I might like him...

This has been an ongoing war between my father and I over certain characters, and he has a high opinion of Nick Fury, while I always had a very low opinion of him. =3=

...But I'll never like Reed Richards, Dad, NEVER!! That guy is a DICK
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Sunday Adventure: Attack of the Space Octopus [Sep. 16th, 2008|01:21 pm]
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So Sunday was just a normal day, the usual hula hoop, ping pong, goat balls, lacross, beach ball, etc, when suddenly...




Such is the night of the full moon.

The End (?)
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God Promises 'Big Surprises' In Store For Hurricane Season [Sep. 12th, 2008|01:22 pm]
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HOLLYWOOD, FL—The 2002 hurricane season will be packed with "big surprises, big windspeeds, and a big, big finish," God announced Monday at a press conference touting His fall schedule.

Enlarge Image God Promises

The aftermath of a September 2000 flood in North Carolina. Inset: God.

"Get ready for the biggest, wildest, most exciting hurricane season yet," God said. "You'll see all the 200 mph winds, all the flooding, all the overturned cars. As for what else you'll see—well, you'll just have to wait and see."

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